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Dark Red Norland

This early red skin, white flesh variety produces round tubers that are very good for boiling, French Frying and chipping (best at harvest) and fair for baking. This high yielding variety is good for the early fresh market and home gardens. Dark Red Norland adapt well to different soils however are sensitive to drought and susceptible to skinning and bruising if harvested before maturity. They seldom produces tubers that are irregular in shape, knobby or growth cracked. Tubers are not subject to internal defects like hollow heart, internal necrosis and vascular discoloration and are moderately resistant to common scab.

Russet Burbank
(Netted Gem)

This late to very late brown russet skin, white flesh variety produces long tubers that are primarily sold for the fresh market, baking and boiling and French fry processing. It is a medium to high yielding variety that has an attractive appearance and washes well at maturity and has excellent storability. Russet Burbank requires a uniform moisture supply and long growing season to produce maximum quality tubers and to prevent knobbiness and second growth. To produce large tubers, plants must be spaced 30 to 45 cm apart. Russet Burbank are moderately resistant to common scab.

Russet Norkotah

This early to mid-season dark brown russet skin, white flesh variety produces long to oblong tubers that are attractive in appearance and uniform in size and shape. It is a medium yielding variety that is primarily sold in count-carton trade as a baker as it is good for baking and tuber shape and type suits that market. Russet Norkotah are not well suited for processing, as well as being poor to moderate for boiling (some after cooking discoloration) and poor for chipping. Russet Norkotah has wide adaptability and good storability with a medium dormancy period as well as having good resistance to common scab.


This mid-season deep red skin, white flesh variety produces oval to oblong tubers that are primarily used for the fresh market. It is excellent for boiling and baking, has no after cooking discolouration, is high in vitamin C, and ranks high in taste tests. It is a high yielding variety that has a medium to long dormancy period, excellent storability, and good retention of red skin color. Adequate warming of seed (at least 7 to 10 days) prior to planting is essential to obtain uniform emergence. Relatively close seed spacing will help optimize yield and tuber size. They are slow to emerge but grow rapidly, tuberization occurs early and tubers bulk at a rapid rate early in the season. It is resistant to second growth and is well adapted to irrigated areas, but moderately tolerant to drought. Tubers tend to develop excessive netting under dry soil conditions resulting in a brownish and unattractive appearance.


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